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And the DataIQ New Talent Award goes to Gabe Musker.


Translating the world of data into daily business insights for teams to accurately reflect and act on, is at the very centre of our Consultancy remit. Find out what it takes to achieve this prestigious New Talent/Data Apprentice DataIQ Award and why Gabe Musker is so well deserving of it.

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And the DataIQ New Talent Award goes to Gabe Musker.

Ascent’s Gabe Musker is recognised for his contributions to demystifying data and this year’s winner of the New Talent/Data Apprentice DataIQ Award.


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Data doesn’t deliver value by itself; it needs a strong communicator to guide the way. As proud advocates of growing data science from within, we’re delighted to announce this award for Gabe Musker – an instrumental (and recently promoted) member of our Data Consulting team.

Translating the world of data into daily business insights for teams to accurately reflect and act on is at the very centre of our Consultancy remit. Gabe Musker, our recently promoted Junior Consultant, has skilfully mastered his natural ability to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences, encouraging teams to work together, opening ongoing dialogue whilst allowing entire organisations to play a part in the use of data across their organisation.

Recognised as part of the award entry, Gabe’s transition over the 14 months he has been with Ascent has been outstanding. Now a highly-capable, commercially-aware data consultant, advising C-level executives and leading customer engagements, he’s often found bridging the gap between business needs and data reality – uniting cross-departmental enthusiasts who are intellectually curious about the potential of data.

Supporting the Consultancy team’s engagements, here’s an overview of just some of the work Gabe has been involved with this year:

Cutting through the fear and apathy that business users often bring to the ‘data conversation’. 

Creating effective stakeholder alignment and engagement whilst opening the conversation to the possibilities of data is a core part of our Consultancy remit.  Gabe has showcased his ability to connect both technical and non-technical roles as a starting point to the conversation, often encouraging teams to shift from working in siloes to working across the entire organisation. He has successfully conducted key stakeholder interviews and provided customers with communication assets which have helped businesses frame and promote their program to a wider audience.

Building data literacy within an organisation. 

Often the confusion around the jargon of data science causes a lack of understanding and a propensity to create barriers from within the business.  Through a deeper understanding, business leaders can understand the value and potential that advanced analytics can bring. This year Gabe has worked with businesses to help inspire them to embrace the potential of data for their teams and clarify their role in developing and leading data initiatives to deliver business value. Running multiple workshops with topics ranging from how to manage and govern data to how to be a great data leader Gabe has helped to promote confidence when working with data.

Aligning analytic opportunities and business strategy.  

Often businesses need to reframe the data conversation to ensure all stakeholders agree on what the endpoint should look like. What does success look like? Is success achievable with the current data and resources? How can this be aligned back to business objectives? Helping businesses prioritise a shortlist of data initiatives that allows the customer to understand and predict the impact of each data initiative allows our consultants to give them a truly informed recommendation on the potential value that undertaking each initiative could bring to them. This year, Gabe has been a natural translator – helping our customers understand the wider implications of the project in hand, whilst demonstrating superbly his ability to convey key insights to influence new business directions. Leading quantitative analyses, Gabe has helped prioritise shortlists of data initiatives and their impact to the wider business goal, helping to inform on which direction to undertake.

Demonstrating value.  

Real-world examples help audiences (whose data maturity varied greatly) understand the value of a data-driven mindset and what that could mean for their roles. Gabe has supported the team refining essential information into understandable, bite-size chunks. He has helped customers significantly be able to clarify the outcomes they wanted from the data workshops and how to achieve them, as well as understanding the next steps they could take to deliver value with data.

Colleague Craig Paterson, Principal Data Consultant, commended Gabe on deserving this award: “in his short time working as a data consultant, Gabe has demonstrated his wide-ranging skills and attributes that, in conjunction with his passion for delivering value with data for Ascent’s customers, make him an effective operator and a deserving candidate for this New Talent Award”.

We are absolutely delighted for Gabe and know that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. If you are interested in a career in Data at Ascent, promote link to roles

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